Best Sources for Affordable Fall Wreaths – 18 Wreaths Under $30

Buying fall decorations doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out these sources for affordable fall wreaths for under $30.

Affordable fall wreath with fabric flowers

Fall decorating is in full force in September and October in our household.

And there is something about fall decorating that requires a good fall wreath. Every time I see a fall wreath hanging on a door, or see pictures of one over a fireplace mantel, I feel welcomed somehow. Like the circle of that fall wreath is giving me a nice hug and saying come on over!

Ok. Maybe that’s a little weird, but still. It just feels welcoming.

But, in all honesty, I have held off on getting a wreath for a long time.

My reason: Wreaths just seem so expensive!

I know there are some fabulous DIY wreaths out there for less $, and I did make a small DIY fall wreath for my indoor decorations. But I know that fall is already here and you might not have time to slap together a beautiful DIY circle of love for your home (otherwise known as a wreath 😁).

If you find yourself wishing wreaths were cheaper and can’t fit making a DIY version in time for fall, I have pulled together a few affordable wreaths that you can purchase for under $30.

I hope that this helps you prepare your home for a welcoming fall.

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Best Sources for Affordable Fall Wreaths

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Walmart has some beautiful fall wreaths at an affordable price. In fact, I was able to find quite a few options. Beautiful decor can be found in some unexpected places so don’t overlook these wreaths.

Target also has a lot of beautiful options. There are such a variety of fall wreaths, so it is not hard to find something to match almost any decorating style.

Bed Bath & Beyond has a few wreath options under $30 as well. And often you can get a coupon to get an even better deal.

Amazon can be a great resource for finding items that are hard to find in local stores. I find myself using them a lot for decorating. They also have a number of beautiful wreaths for sale that are under $30.

Making the Best Decision

I hope that I have provided enough options to help you find a wreath you love for an affordable price. Now comes the hard part: Trying to pick the best one. 😁

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Affordable fall wreaths under $30

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10 thoughts on “Best Sources for Affordable Fall Wreaths – 18 Wreaths Under $30”

  1. Fantastic sources! I like to take a wreath like this and fancy it up to my liking.

    I’ve bought two wreaths before and merged them together before!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • That is a great way to make the decorations uniquely and creatively yours! I love taking something and adding my own elements to it. And combining two wreaths together is a great idea too.

  2. Hi, great post. As much as I love hot summer days, I also enjoy the colors of fall. I missed it in when I lived in Florida and these fall wreaths are great ideas to bringing autumn inspiration.

    • Thank you! I love each season for so many reasons too, and I would definitely miss it if I lived somewhere where there was no change. I hope the wreaths will help you feel inspired to decorate for fall.


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