Easy Valentines Card Flowers with Suckers

Valentines card flower vase

Need to come up with a creative Valentines card that your kids can help make? Create these easy sucker Valentines card flowers for a colorful bouquet. Flowers. Romance. Hearts: broken or whole… Valentines Day has many complicated connotations associated with it. But hopefully, like me, your young kids only worry about one thing on this … Read more

DIY Snowman Lighted Canvas Art + Free Printable

Snowman lighted canvas picture

Lighted canvas pictures can add a beautiful glow to any room. Use these steps to create your own DIY Snowman lighted canvas to celebrate all that is fun about winter. Snow. Who knew one word could instill so much emotion? Regardless of what side you stand on the cold white stuff, there is one thing … Read more

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Jars of peppermint sugar scrub

This pretty Peppermint Sugar Scrub makes great gifts for the holidays or to give as a host gift. Make sure to make enough for yourself too! A friend of mine introduced me to sugar scrubs this year and They. Are. AMAZING! Who knew that sugar makes such a good exfoliate? Add coconut oil and essential … Read more

DIY Removable Blackboard Labels

Removable blackboard labels on mugs

Not sure how to keep track of cups when friends and family visit? Make these cute removable blackboard labels to keep everyone drinking out of their own mug. It’s that time of year again. Time for food, fun, family, and cups…. lots of cups. Mugs, glasses, drinking paraphernalia…. All strewn about the house and counters. … Read more