Easy DIY Valentines Garland w/ Toilet Paper Tube Hearts

3D heart DIY Valentines garland with red, white, and brown hearts.

Create an easy DIY Valentines garland with toilet paper roll tubes. These beautiful intricate hearts are a fun way to celebrate. Valentine’s day decorations are something new in our home. I don’t typically like to go all out, but I do like to put up something simple in my living room, kitchen, or dining table. … Read more

How to Draw 3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art for Valentine’s Day

3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art

Looking for a simple craft tutorial for this Valentines day? Try your hand at 3D conversation heart chalkboard art for an easy Valentine’s decoration. If you are wanting an easy Valentine’s Day craft to spruce up your home decor why not try your hand at chalk board art? This simple Valentine’s Day decor is a … Read more