12 DIY Paper Valentine Decorations That Look Store Bought

10+ DIY Paper Valentine's Decoration Ideas for your home

Need a few ideas to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day? Take a look at this list of 12 Paper Valentine Decorations you can make today. Valentines Day. The season of love, overpriced flowers, and an excuse to eat candy. Besides getting the yearly Valentine’s candy and cards for my kids to pass out to … Read more

How to Draw 3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art for Valentine’s Day

3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art

Looking for a simple craft tutorial for this Valentines day? Try your hand at 3D conversation heart chalkboard art for an easy Valentine’s decoration. If you are wanting an easy Valentine’s Day craft to spruce up your home decor why not try your hand at chalk board art? This simple Valentine’s Day decor is a … Read more

Heart Decorative Jar Luminary: Easy 3D Paper Heart Decor

Heart decorative jar luminaries with red flower

Create a romantic atmosphere with this heart decorative jar luminary. It’s an easy 3D paper heart decoration for your table or room. I love making simple crafts out of things that would normally get thrown out. For example, turning coconut shells into mushroom decorations or creating a 3D heart canvas out of toilet paper rolls. … Read more