How to Build a DIY Wood Pergola for a Swing | Outdoor Patio Pergola Swing

White diy wood pergola for wooden swing on patio

Follow this tutorial to learn how to build a DIY wood pergola for a swing. These pergolas are perfect for an outdoor patio or garden. Wooden pergolas can be a great option for your home. They are a simple, yet ornate structure that can enhance your yard. However, you may be wondering why you should … Read more

How to Prepare for New Flooring Installation | Plus Free Checklist to Get Your Home Ready for New Flooring

Prepare for new flooring: hardwood floor

Planning to upgrade your flooring? Follow these simple steps to prepare for new flooring installation in your home. If you are a home owner, there will most likely come a time in the life of your home when you will need to replace or refinish the flooring. Maybe your dog chewed a hole in your … Read more