13 Amazing Ways to Use a Wooden Caddy That Will Make You Never Pass Up a Thrift Store Find Again

Wooden caddy with succulent plants inside

Learn how to give your wooden crate or caddy a face lift. Then check out these amazing ways to use a wooden caddy in your home. Do you have a list? You know….. THE LIST. The one you keep with you. The list that reminds you of those things you are hunting for, those second … Read more

Printable Cleaning Reminder Labels

Printable cleaning reminder labels

You might be surprised how often you are supposed to clean your appliances. Use these handy printable cleaning reminder labels to keep track of these important cleaning tasks. Do you ever read your appliance manuals? Specifically the part about how often to clean them? I mean, who knew you had to wash your washer, right? … Read more

Easy Small Bathroom Organization Hacks You Can Do In an Afternoon

Small bathroom organization hacks: toilet paper as part of the decoration

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Best Way to Organize Owner’s Manuals

Best way to organize owner's manuals in filing cabinet

Paper clutter can be overwhelming. This method is the best way to organize owner’s manuals if you don’t want to scan them into your computer. You did it! You saved up and bought that Awesome New Gadget you’ve been dreaming of! Everything is great….for a little while. Then, two months later, it suddenly stops working … Read more