Easy Small Bathroom Organization Hacks You Can Do In an Afternoon

Small bathroom organization hacks: toilet paper as part of the decoration

Not everyone is blessed with a lot of storage in their bathroom. Use these small bathroom organization hacks to make the most of your bathroom storage. Do you ever procrastinate? We all do it, especially when we feel like the task is overwhelming or it’s something we just don’t really like to do. That is … Read more

DIY Chip Storage Rack

Chips hanging on DIY chip storage rack in pantry

Tired of your chips falling off your shelf and onto the floor? Make this DIY chip storage rack to take back control of your pantry with vertical storage.   Here’s the million dollar question of the day. (Ok. Maybe it’s not worth a million dollars, but….close.) What is the biggest problem item to organize in … Read more

How to Organize Clothes Drawers

How to Organize Clothes Drawers

Tired of losing your favorite t-shirt at the bottom of your drawer? Here’s how to organize clothes drawers and make efficient use of your space. I didn’t always fold my clothes this way. I will be the first to admit it, I am a reformed drawer stuffer! Oh, my drawers never started out a stuffed … Read more