Christmas Home Tour 2019

Sometimes Christmas can seem like a whirlwind! In this Christmas Home Tour 2019 I encourage you to take a moment to refocus on the joy of the season.

We are moving towards Christmas at a whirlwind pace, but I wanted to share with you a little Christmas inspiration. I know you probably have your decorations all up, your tree adorned with lights and ornaments. Stockings are hung with care and your home smells like Christmas.

At least, that is my hope for you. There is something peaceful and joyful when one looks at the Christmas lights sparkling in your home.

Christmas ornament with tree

I think that is why I love to decorate for Christmas. There is something about coming home to the bright glittery colors and decorations that grounds me. It reminds me that no matter how crazy life is, no matter how many holiday events you are planning on attending, how many cookies you need to bake, cards you want to write, etc. you can take a moment, look at the decorations in your house and dream. Dream of a Silent Night and Joy to the World. It is a reminder to pause and refocus.

Confession Time

I am going to pause a moment and confess something to you. I might have let the stress of the season make me a little cranky this year. You see, I love all of the pageantry of Christmas. I love the traditions, the cooking, creating and decorating. But I let the stress of wanting to do everything perfectly get in the way of the enjoyment of just being together.

Silent Night themed mantel

I think my creative side was sending subliminal messages to me. My mantel theme this year was Silent Night, Holy Night (maybe I need to take a hint?)

The star ornaments I made for my kids had reminders of my wishes for them: that they would focus on the important things of Christmas.

White shelves with ornaments and pinecones

Yet somehow, in the mix of trying to make this Christmas perfect, I lost sight of the things I truly treasure. So, as I post these pictures and look at the decorations in my house, I am taking this moment to commit to changing my attitude. I am not going to let the crazy, busy season be an excuse to miss the moments of joy and peace.

What about you?

Are you feeling as unfocused as I have been this year?

Take a moment to refocus, breath, and commit to enjoying this time. I hope these Christmas pictures will inspire you and uplift you.

Christmas Home Tour 2019

Snowmen on shelf with ornaments
Christmas tree and fireplace
Ornaments and Pinecones
Silent Night Christmas Mantel

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Christmas home tour 2019
Smiling woman with brown hair

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Creatively Yours, Erin

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