30+ Cute Succulent Planters & Bowl Ideas for Your Home

Are you interested in succulents for your home? Take a peek at these cute succulent planters and bowl ideas for the perfect succulent indoor garden.

It can be hard to find the perfect anything among all of the options available to you on the internet.

Browsing through endless lists is time consuming. This guide was created to highlight cute succulent planters and compile them into a more manageable, yet fun list to browse.

Since I have been doing a ton of succulent planter browsing online myself, I wanted to share my favorites with you.

I started on this succulent kick after I created the design board for our 2nd floor main bathroom.

I decided to incorporate fake succulents into my design after being inspired by the variety of colors and textures of the plants.

As part of my bathroom decor, I plan to create small wood succulent planters and possibly a hanging succulent planter or two as well. These diy projects will focus on fake succulents, since there isn’t a lot of light in my bathroom.

However, after looking at all of the adorable succulent planter options, I might need to move my existing aloe vera plants into a cuter pot and add to the succulent plants I own.

Aloe vera succulent plant

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Cute Succulent Pots

1) Succulent Terrariums

You can create a succulent terrarium out of any glass container, large glass bowl, or even a mason jar. I love these terrarium options. They give some flexibility and allow you to mix small succulents and larger plants together to create fun patterns and colors in your indoor succulent garden.

These are also ideal planters for air plants.

With this type of planter, there may not be great drainage, so be careful not to overwater and use a potting soil mix with sphagnum moss. Top off the soil with a layer of rocks or small pebbles for beautiful and unique container gardens.

2) Succulent Bowl & Pot Garden Ideas

Take a look at these pot ideas and create the perfect succulent centerpieces for the coffee table or shelf in your living room. These bowl containers also allow you to mix and match larger and smaller succulents to add texture and color to your table in a fun way. Create your own small gardens inside your home with these fun pots.

3) Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are a fun way to add color and life to vertical space in your home. These options are sure to be conversation starters and bring a unique way to play with your indoor garden possibilities.

All of these options have sufficient drainage, however the ones that don’t include a bamboo tray may need a safe place for water to drip.

Create a fun indoor gardening feature with this living art work.

4) Colorful & Cute Succulent Planters

I love all of the colorful pot and bowl options available for succulents. There are so many different sizes, from mini planters, to larger pot ideas that are dazzlingly colorful. The ceramic pots are my favorite, though with all of the colors and varieties there is sure to be a pot color and style that fits any color scheme and taste.

Want to get creative with your colors? Mix and match each plastic pot in this fun set, to play with different colors and combinations to really add a bright accent to your home.

5) Plain & Simple Succulent Pots

Like the more simple look? Check out these different white succulent planters. Add class and style to your home and allow your succulents to be the highlight of your arrangement with these neutral pots.

6) Gifts

Need a great idea for a celebration gift for mother’s day? Succulent pots make great gifts! This pot comes already filled with live succulent plants!

7) Unique or Funny Pots

Or choose one of these unique planters for the perfect conversation piece in your home.

8) Animal Planters

What can I say? I am a sucker for these adorable succulent planters. Add succulents to each small pot for a menagerie of cuteness that is sure to add a smile to your face. These creative containers are the perfect home enhancers for the animal lover.

9) Patterned Pots

These unique pots with their geometric design are so much fun. The best part is that you can add different succulent varieties to each pot to create the perfect look in each room of your home.

Like pots with geometric designs built into them? Move past the circular or rectangular pot and purchase one with a different shape. It is a great choice for larger succulents or a mixture of sizes and textures.

What to Look for In a Perfect Succulent Planter?

The most important thing is finding succulent pots with good drainage in the bottom of the pot. Your succulents will do best in a pot with proper drainage holes to remove excess water from the soil. Many of the pots above come with a bamboo saucer or drainage tray to place underneath to catch the water, but if your plant pot doesn’t have a tray make sure to add one to catch any run off.

Shallow pots tend to be ideal for succulents as well.

Adding the right succulent soil mix is another important aspect of creating a good environment for your succulent to grow.

Why Succulent Plants?

Succulent plants are low maintenance and are a great way to add a plant into a small space.

If you struggle with remembering to water your plants, succulents are even better because they don’t need as much water as most plants.

In fact, overwatering a succulent will result in their fleshy leaves turning yellow and shriveling and dropping off. It is best to let the soil dry in between watering so you don’t add too much moisture to their shallow root system.

Overwatered and yellowing aloe plant

Many succulents need bright light (though there are some low light varieties). Make sure to try them in an area of your home that gets at least some direct sunlight. Your plant may not do well in full sun right away so try placing it in a sunny window for small portions of the day until you know how it fairs.

Cute succulent planters for your home

Hopefully these pots will inspire you to create amazing succulent gardens for your home. Spruce up your interior space with bright, hardy plants to achieve a unique look in your living decor.

Want to try a cute DIY succulent planter idea?

Blue succulent planter box diy with succulents plants and white rocks

This dollar store and vinyl Cricut project is an easy DIY that works best for fake succulents since it doesn’t have a great drainage option. The good news is that it is a wood succulent planter you can place in your home without having to worry about killing any plants.

There are many beautiful succulent options that are faux out there. Even if you have a brown thumb, you can create real looking planter combinations for the perfect home decoration.

Want to remember this idea? Save it to your favorite Decor board on Pinterest.

Cute succulent planters and colorful succulents

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