21 DIY Paper Crafts for Valentines Day

Need a few ideas to decorate your home for Valentines Day? Take a look at this list of paper crafts for Valentines Day decorating you can DIY.

Pink, red, and purple hearts and paper crafts for Valentines day decorating.

Valentines Day.

The season of love, overpriced flowers, romantic dinners, and an excuse to eat candy.

And, of course, a great excuse to try your hand at some easy Valentine’s day crafts.

Whether you are making Valentine’s day cards with your kids (like these homemade Valentines DIY scratch art cards or heart card flowers), creating thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, or looking for a simple craft you can use in your home decor, there are so many easy craft ideas you can make this time of year.

To help you with your crafting, I have compiled a collection of Valentine paper crafts your whole family can DIY as a fun project to help decorate your home for Valentines Day.

Whether you are looking for help from your older kids or plan on having little hands create your construction paper crafts, there are so many simple projects for any skill level.

Choose a craft project…. or ten, and get ready to have a great time decorating your home this year with these Valentine crafts made from paper.

Easy Paper Crafts for Valentines Day Decorating

1. 3D Paper Heart Garland from Chalking Up Success

This beautiful DIY 3D hearts craft makes the perfect, elegant garland. Learn how to fold and create these paper hearts at Chalking Up Success for a subtle and gorgeous Valentine Day decoration.

Pink 3D Heart Garland hanging on cabinet
Photo Courtesy of Chalking Up Success

2. Watercolor Heart Garland from The Palette Muse

Want another, even easier Valentine garland DIY?

Check out this heart garland made with an upcycled book and watercolor paint. With a few simple supplies, you can add a subtle Valentine decoration to your living room curtains or mantel.

Just clip them onto a piece of twine and you have a ready made Valentine display.

Watercolor heart garland made from book pages.
Photo Courtesy of The Palette Muse

3. Origami Heart Bouquet and Garland from Ruffles and Rain Boots

Up for a little more of a challenge?

Learn how to make these fun origami paper hearts from Ruffles and Rainboots. You can use many different colors to make a bright rainbow display or stick to pinks, reds, and whites for Valentine’s themed projects.

Colorful origami heart bouquet and garland
Photo Courtesy of Ruffles and Rain Boots

4. Toilet Paper Roll 3D Heart on Canvas from Practical Whimsy Designs

Did you know you can create lovely Valentine’s Day crafts with toilet paper rolls and hot glue? Adult crafters can make an intricate heart shape with this tutorial by Practical Whimsy Designs.

This decoration is subtle enough that it could be displayed any time of year. Make it as a gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a wedding.

Heart toilet paper roll art on dresser next to green flowers in vase as a unique paper craft for Valentines day.

5. Paper Heart Wall Art from Postcards from the Ridge

Here is another paper heart wall art idea that could be displayed year round. It would be a great idea for a little girl’s bedroom or nursery or as a display for a baby shower.

The pretty 3D hearts add the perfect balance and detail to the picture.

3D Paper heart hot air balloon wall art.
Photo Courtesy of Postcards from the Ridge

6. Rose Filled Heart Card Art from Ottawa Mommy Club

Ever wanted to try your hand at making paper flowers? Learn how to create these cute paper roses with this tutorial by Ottawa Mommy Club.

Make these as DIY cards to wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day or frame the art for a fun way to decorate.

3D Rose Filled Paper Heart Art
Photo Courtesy of Ottawa Mommy Club

7. Easy Lipstick Art from Rekindle My Dwelling

Have a few extra lipsticks laying around?

Use them to make art for Valentine’s Day.

These playful pictures are a fun idea to add some simple Valentine’s Day decor on that extra piece of white or pink card stock you have laying around.

Heart and lip art made with lipstick
Photo Courtesy of Rekindle My Dwelling

8. Crepe Paper Heart Wreath from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Need to add that perfect heart display to your front door or mantel? Grab some different colored crepe paper rolls or tissue paper and get to work on making this adorable heart wreath.

It is a great last minute craft that is sure to bring some cheer to your home and it’s perfect for practicing fine motor skills.

Colorful crepe paper heart wreath
Photo Courtesy of Artsy Craftsy Mom

9. Paper Mache Heart and Watercolor Decoration from Pillar Box Blue

This project from Pillar Box Blue may take a little more time to make, but it is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your wall. Plus using large hearts on top give the art piece a fun accent.

Hang the smaller water color hearts in straight lines below and you have a colorful and creative piece of art. 

Red and pink large paper mache heart with watercolor hearts hanging below on a stick.
Photo Courtesy of Pillar Box Blue

10. DIY Valentine’s Tree with Heart Shaped Leaves from Simple Nature Decor

I love the look of this little white heart tree. It is such a simple way to decorate for Valentine’s day but these little paper hearts make the whole tree feel elegant.

Sometimes a simple decoration can make the biggest statement.

Heart leaf branches in white pitcher by bed
Photo Courtesy of Simple Nature Decor

11. Valentine Paper Lantern House from Moms and Crafters

Love paper houses? Create a Valentine themed one with this tutorial from Moms and Crafters.

Use fairy lights or battery tea lights to turn it into a paper lantern and find that perfect place to display your finished product and light up your room.

Valentines house paper lantern
Photo Courtesy of Moms and Crafters

12. 3D Heart Decorative Jar Luminary from Practical Whimsy Designs

Have a couple of mason jars or other glass jars to upcycle? Create these pretty glass luminaries to light up your Valentine’s Day display.

Use any color of scrapbook paper and the free template to create bright and cheery cute paper hearts for this glass jar upcycled decoration.

Paper Heart Luminary in glass jars

13. Paper Art Valentine Art from Creative Ramblings

Looking for easy crafts for decorating? If so, this simple heart Valentine’s art piece by Creative Ramblings is perfect.

It’s a great way to add a few hearts into your winter decor, without a lot of effort.

Hearts paper crafts for Valentine's day displayed on mantle.
Photo Courtesy of Creative Ramblings

14. 5 Minute Heart Garland from Money Wise Moms

If you love all of these ideas, but just don’t have much time, here is a quick easy peasy 5 minute project for you.

With minimal craft supplies and a hot glue gun, you can make this quick heart garland for your home.

Valentine's display on white shelf with paper heart garland on front.
Photo Courtesy of Money Wise Moms

15. Map Heart Garland paper craft from Pillar Box Blue

Wanting to avoid another construction paper valentine craft idea? Make this heart garland from old maps. It’s another great Valentine’s day paper craft idea from Pillar Box Blue.

Make this garland out of a map as a way to document a special trip and bring back great memories of your time together.

3D heart Paper crafts for Valentines day made from old maps.
Photo Courtesy of Pillar Box Blue

16. Toilet Paper Roll Valentines Day Wreath from The Drugstore Divas

It’s so much fun upcycling things!

Here is another great way to recycle your toilet paper rolls into a beautiful wreath for Valentine’s day from The Drugstore Divas.

With a little paint and glue you can turn ordinary cardboard rolls into a cute heart themed wreath.

Red, white, and pink toilet paper roll wreath Valentines day craft.
Photo Courtesy of The Drugstore Divas

17. Water Color Heart Painting from Crafty Art Ideas

If you are in the mood for a fun activity that includes paint, try your hand at these water color hearts.

It is a ton of fun to experiment with blending colors. Get some tips from Crafty Art Ideas.

Water color heart painting.
Photo Courtesy of Crafty Art Ideas

18. Corrugated Cardboard Heart Art from Sustain My Craft Habit

Some of the best ideas use upcycled materials.

This adorable craft from Sustain My Craft Habit uses corrugated cardboard for a fun textured DIY art display.

Use it as a DIY Valentine’s Day card or hang it as art in your home.

Corrugated cardboard heart on striped background as a Paper Craft art piece for Valentines Day.
Photo Courtesy of Sustain My Craft Habit

19. Tissue Paper Hearts by A Happy Home in Holland

Art projects don’t have to be complicated to make a statement.

These cute tissue paper hearts by A Happy Home in Holland are perfect additions to a vase of flowers.

Or fill a glass jar with sweet treats and top it off with these cute hearts on a stick to give any candy jar a festive feel.

Pink and purple tissue paper hearts in a vase of tulips.
Photo Courtesy of A Happy Home in Holland

20. Valentine’s Day Paper Craft Book Bunting from Sum of Their Stories

There are so many different types of paper products that make great Valentine’s Day arts and crafts projects.

Here is another example of a Valentine’s garland made with old book pages from Sum of Their Stories for more inspiration on the possibilities of how you can decorate with paper.

Valentine's Day paper book page bunting with hearts on it.
Photo Courtesy of Sum of Their Stories

21. DIY Valentines Garland with Toilet Paper Roll Hearts from Practical Whimsy Designs

Here is another fun upcycled project with toilet paper roll cores. Make these cute hearts and turn them into the perfect Valentines Day garland for your mantel.

DIY mesh Valentine's wreath and DIY Valentines garland and decor with window on mantel.

DIY Paper Crafts for Valentines Day

There are so many options available for cute crafts you can make as a family to decorate your home.

Kids of all ages as well as adults can have fun creating these heart crafts and paper crafts for Valentines day DIY decorating.

The best part about many of the decorations, is that they can easily be incorporated into your every day decor.

Add them to a basket or tray, hang them as part of a wall gallery, add them to a bookshelf, etc. There are so many fun possibilities.

Hopefully these different examples will help you find the best ways for you to create your own DIY paper crafts for Valentines Day decorating this year.

Looking for more DIY? Check out these Valentine’s canvas ideas for easy art projects for your home.

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