DIY Scent Sachets: Easy No Sew Project

Do your clothes smell stale and dusty after sitting in your drawers too long? Make these easy, no sew DIY Scent Sachets to freshen up your apparel.

DIY Scent Sachet: Easy no sew project

Don’t you love the smell of freshly laundered clothes right out of the dryer?

I know I do.

Reaching into the dryer and pulling out a warm handful of fluffy sweet smelling sheets and blankets…. sigh. It makes doing chores, just a little bit better.

That is, until I read about all of the chemicals in scented detergents. The Environmental Working Group has a list of a lot of the most popular brands and rates them depending on the ingredients they carry. A lot of my favorite smelly brands scored an F (which means Flunk) on safety.

Because of this, I have been trying to steer away from a lot of the detergents I used to buy. I have been buying a lot of scent free laundry detergents which just don’t give my laundry the same cozy aroma. The clothes smell even worse when they sit in a drawer for a while. There is no flowery fragrance to mask the dusty scent, I guess.

I needed some way to add a safe scent back to my clothes.

I came up with these super easy DIY scent sachets that use essential oils to infuse some smell back into my fabrics.

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These also work great in the box seat storage we store our blankets in. These boxes have always had a funny smell, which caused our blankets to smell weird too. Now, that I put these DIY scent sachets in, the blankets have a much better aroma when we pull them out to use them.

Materials for DIY Scent sachets

Materials You Need:

Steps to Make DIY Scent Sachets

Step 1: Cut Your T-shirt

Steps for cutting and rolling t-shirt fabric

Use a scissors to cut your t-shirt into smaller pieces. I cut mine into a 6″x 18″ strip. I then folded it until it was 6″ x 2″ and rolled it up like a sleeping bag….. or jelly roll, if you are hungry and need a food visual.

Step 2: Apply Essential Oils

Dropper adding essential oil to t-shirt fabric

Use a dropper to apply essential oils on both ends of the t-shirt fabric. The amount you add will depend on how strong you want the scent sachet to smell.

There are so many great scent combinations out there so feel free to experiment with the oils you have.

I used 13 drops of four knives essential oil and 10 drops of orange essential oil on each of the two ends of my t-shirt roll.

UPDATE: I added more essential oil after 2 months to give the sachets a fresh smell and a stronger scent. I plan to add more every time the scent begins to fade.

Step 3: Add the Tulle

Cutting square out of tulle

Cut out your tulle. I used a 9×9 inch square.

Wrap the tulle around the t-shirt fabric and tie a ribbon around it to hold it on.

Adding ribbon to DIY Scent Sachets

Distribute Your DIY Scent Sachets

That’s it! Your scent sachets are ready to be placed in a drawer, chest, box or anywhere else that needs a little extra fragrance.

DIY scent sachet in drawer

If the scent sachet doesn’t have a strong enough aroma, you can always apply more essential oil to increase the fragrance.

I made four of these scent sachets in less than a half hour so they are very easy to make and require no sewing.

Blue DIY scent sachets with flower

So, now that you know how to make these DIY scent sachets, go forth and make things smelly….. or less smelly?…. or make things smell better? Yes! That’s what I mean!

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DIY scent sachets with essential oil

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