Best Creative Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 6-8

Tired of your kids only showing interest in media and video games? Check out these creative gift ideas for boys ages 6-8 for some fun alternative toys.

Creative gift ideas for boys

There seems to be a constant struggle in our household.

My kids’ default mode has gotten stuck.

Because, the minute they have some down time, all they want to do is watch tv or play video games.

This just doesn’t work for this mama. I don’t mind a little media here and there, but I want my kids to be creative and use their minds to learn and grow.

So it’s super important to me that the gifts we buy our kids help them express their creativity in some way. I love it when my kids receive gifts that help them learn in a hands on, yet fun way.

If you feel the same way about needing a little help redirecting those curious minds, check out the gift ideas I have listed below for your kids. These are the gift ideas that my boys have either really loved receiving or are ones I know they would appreciate a lot.

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Creative Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 6-8

Gifts to Help them Explore Their World

My kids have three of these four items and they love them. Having tools that allow them to explore how things work and take a hands on interest in science is a great way to redirect their inquisitive nature into something a little more productive.

And if your kids like electronics at all, the Snap Circuits are an amazing gift idea.

(Click on the pictures for more information.)


I know a lot of you have a love/hate relationship with these little plastic blocks. (The battle scars on your feet can prove how dangerous these little blocks can be when left out on the floor.)

However, I think they are a great way to express creativity.

We have a mixed box of Legos that our kids have used to build amazing creations. The Lego kits we own help our kids learn to follow directions and keep things organized. (Need help getting your kids to organize their Legos? Try these tips.)

My kids have really been into Minecraft right now, so why not help them be creative with some fun Minecraft Lego sets?

Magnetic Tiles

I LOVE these toys!

And so do my boys. These little magnetic squares of plastic can be used as part of almost any imaginative game.

Need a road for your cars? Build one with these tiles.

Your Legos need a castle? Magnetic tiles to the rescue.

Plastic animals need a zoo? Well, these tiles create great cages.

You get it.

These plastic pieces are probably my favorite versatile toy. And, better yet, no batteries are needed.

Sticker by Number Books

These are a fun way to practice numbers and dexterity. They are similar to color by number, but you put stickers on your picture instead. My boys love theirs. There are a ton of options to try.

They also have sticker by letter books like this animal sticker book.

Transfer Books

My kids received this pirate transfer book on a previous Christmas and they love it. You use a pencil to transfer stickers to the book. They give some direction in the book, but there is a lot of freedom to be creative.

These are definitely fun activity books that my kids enjoy.

Hidden Picture Books

These books are great for road trips and my kids love to try and find the hidden images in the pictures. Hey, I love to try and find the hidden images in the pictures.

Books for Reading

These book series definitely connect with a little boy’s humor. Though they may not be the most in depth read, my boys love them and they encourage my kids to sit and learn.

Hover Drone

This little drone is a lot of fun. It lights up and will hover over your hand as long as you don’t’ make sudden movements. My kids love to see how long they can keep it in the air.

Plus it comes with a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in batteries.

Dig Kits

Learn about gems and fossils as you dig through a hard block of sand with excavating tools to unearth precious treasures. Though this activity is a little messy, it is a great way for kids to explore and add fun artifacts to their collection.

Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 6-8

Hopefully a few of these gift ideas will be just the thing to help the child in your life explore their world and be more creative.

Happy Shopping!

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