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Take a look at the transformation of this dated kitchen as we share our kitchen reveal. We hope these kitchen design ideas inspire you.

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Kitchen design reveal: kitchen with white cabinets and custom wood vent over stove.

My kitchen! Sometimes it is hard to believe that this is the same space as the oriental themed, dated kitchen we purchased before we started remodeling.

From the lemon yellow and black cabinets to the florescent lighting and laundry hookups, this space was not my style at all.

To show you what I mean, here are a few pictures from before the remodel.

Kitchen Pictures Before Remodeling

Dining nook and dinning room doorway in dated kitchen

Yes. This house had a pool.

A rundown, rotten pool room that we turned into a three car garage. You can read more about those pool adventures here.

Ok. Back to more pictures of the kitchen.

Lemon yellow and black oriental cabinets in kitchen
Kitchen with lemon yellow cabinets and stove
Stove and laundry hookups in kitchen

I tried to get a full circle snapshot of the space.

Unfortunately they are a little blurry because they were snapped with my cell phone as we were walking through the home. I had planned on taking more before we remodeled, but we had a pipe burst above the kitchen and that changed a lot of our plans. If you want to read more about that story, you can catch the details in my post Lessons from a Fixer Upper.

Kitchen Reveal

It was a several year process to get us to this point, but I can’t wait to share with you our kitchen reveal.

Desk with plant next to kitchen with white cabinets and wood floor

When we installed the back panel on our kitchen island I wasn’t sure that I would like it. But it actually ties our kitchen together and it turned out to be a perfect budget option.

Full kitchen reveal with white cabinets and quartz counters
Bowl of oranges and apples on counter in new kitchen
Wooden custom stove vent over stove

I also love the custom wooden stove vent my husband made for our kitchen. It ties together perfectly with the bronze of the chandeliers and the cream of the cabinets.

Glass chandelier hanging in front of custom wooden stove vent in remodeled kitchen
Gas stove with owl salt and pepper shakers with white marbled backsplash

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We kind of have a thing for lighting. There are at least 5 different types of lights in our kitchen. We love to add lighting in fun ways into our home. Lighting is something custom that can make a space just a little cozier.

One way to create fun lighting is with LED tape lighting. All you need is an outlet on one end to make it work. We purchased the kind that changes color and put them above our cabinets. That way we can change the color for each season.

Glass chandelier in front of cabinets with pink and blue lighting
Full kitchen reveal with white cabinets, wood flooring, tile backsplash, and white quartz counters
Teal owl by sink in kitchen

The tile backsplash helps brighten up the space and ties in the greys and creams of the kitchen.

Red flour and sugar canisters on quartz counter in kitchen reveal
Kitchen view opened up into family room

Some Kitchen Design Details

I still can’t believe the transformation this space took.

It was quite the process that took several years to complete, but I am so happy with the way the space turned out!

If you want to catch up on the various projects we did in this space, you can read up on it in this post on our kitchen remodeling progress. As I mentioned in that post, there are still a few areas that we need to ‘finish.’ (ex. The back door area, dining room, and a little trim) But, to me, it is close enough to finished. I couldn’t wait any more to share it.

If you are interested in the DIY decor I made for this space, it includes these Farmhouse candlesticks and a succulent planter box with a cute vinyl sticker decal.

Below are the wall colors we used and the source list for our kitchen. If I couldn’t find the exact item, I tried to link to items that were similar to what we used in our design.

Kitchen Source List

Paint Colors: Walls- Padlock Gray by Dutch Boy | Accent Wall- Sea Bass by Nautica | Ceiling- Brightened Cream by Dutch Boy

Tile Backsplash: Ellis & Fisher Bianco Marble 12″x12″ (Purchased from Menards)

Rugs: Brown Kitchen Mats

Lighting: LED Colored Lighting Tape | Bronze Mini Crystal Chandelier

Kitchen Accessories: Butter Dish | Teal Owl Decor | Copper Canister | Measuring Cups | Turquoise Tea Kettle | Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

Click on the pictures below to shop the products and accessories we used on our remodel. (If I couldn’t find the exact item, I tried to link to items that were similar to what we used in our design.)

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Before and after pictures of our kitchen remodel

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