5 Easy Mason Jar Decor Ideas

With all of their sizes and colors, mason jars can be a great addition to your decorations. These 5 easy mason jar decor ideas will help you think beyond their traditional kitchen use.

5 Easy Mason Jar Decor Ideas

Dusty, musty, half-forgotten.

My husband brought home an old wooden box filled with antique mason jars from a client who was wanting to get rid of them. I was so excited to get them because I knew they had decoration potential. But then they sat and sat and sat on a shelf in my basement for a year. A. Whole. Year.

I finally took the time to clean them and put them out as part of my Spring/Summer decor and I am annoyed that I took this long to use them. There are so many ways to use mason jars in your decorations.

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Maybe you have some fun antique mason jars that have been waiting for their chance to shine. Or maybe you have taken advantage of all of the modern and fun colored mason jars available to purchase. I was pretty excited to discover that they have these purple jars for sale! They might be going on my decor wish list very soon.

Either way, here are a few fun ideas to help you think beyond canning and explore the many ways you can decorate with mason jars.

5 Easy Mason Jar Decor Ideas

1. Use Them on a Shelf

With so many different colors and sizes, mason jars can be a decorative collage all on their own. Use a mixture of sizes and colors and line them up on a shelf. If you only have one color of mason jar, you can use colored glass or marbles in a few of the jars to change the color and add interest.

You can also intersperse flowers in between jars to add a textural difference. I removed the stems from these fake flowers so that they could lay flat on the shelf.

Mason jar decor on shelf

2. Decorate Mason Jars with Flowers

Put a fake flower in a mason jar and pair it with other decorations to make a fun decorative vignette. Use similar colors or flowers to tie in your decorations and create a cohesive theme.

Mason jar with flower

3. Put Them in a Box

Group a few mason jars together and put them in a small box or basket. Drape a piece of white tissue paper or a tea towel inside to create a cozy ‘picnic basket’ look.

Mason jars in a box

I placed this box on my hearth next to my fireplace with some pink flowers behind it to create a fun warm weather feel.

4. Frame it with a Box

The canning jars that I received came in a musty, old wooden box. At first I wasn’t sure if I would keep it, but after a scrub down and a few hours in the sun, I was pretty pleased with the character.

Though it was too big to fit on my hearth in it’s traditional flat box position, I used it to frame my jar instead.

Wooden box display on hearth

I took flowers and vases and placed them inside. I then set one empty mason jar in front of it. Using a box behind mason jars creates a different focus that can make a unique display.

Below is a picture of my fireplace with the mason jars on the hearth.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

5. Fill it with Fresh Flowers

This display is probably one of my favorites, even though it is not made up of antique canning jars. This little glass jar, filled with dandelions, was painted by my little 4 year old for mother’s day.

This is my special jar for hand picked bouquets that comes out every summer with the first dandelion.

Painted jar filled with dandelions

Though this is not the fanciest display, it is the one that brings the biggest warmth to my heart. Adding a special hand painted jar to your summer kitchen decor is another great way to use mason jars.

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Decorate with Your Mason Jars

These are only a few of the many amazing ways to decorate with mason jars. And even if your decor style is not farmhouse, mason jars are versatile enough to be mixed into a number of decorating styles.

I hope that this gives you some excitement and inspiration to try some mason jar decorations of your own.

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Easy mason jar decor ideas

If you love easy decorating ideas try this simple dollar tree branch decoration that I think would look great in a mason jar as well as in a vase.

Smiling woman with brown hair

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6 thoughts on “5 Easy Mason Jar Decor Ideas”

  1. Our town’s recycle service no longer accepts glass containers so I am constantly trying to think of ways to use my empty jars. Any ideas you have will be gratefully received. Thanks!

    • That is too bad that you can no longer recycle them. Luckily, there are so many ways that you can use them in your decorating. Remove any labels and group different sized jars on a shelf or table. Add flowers, glass rocks and lights, Christmas bulbs, fall leaves, pine boughs, etc. to change up the jars for the season. You can also use them to store small items for your craft room. I hope a few of these ideas help.


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