Neutral Fall Decor Ideas Without Pumpkins

Looking to decorate your home this fall without adding traditional pumpkins and leaves? Take a look at these neutral fall decor ideas for your home.


The crisp feeling in the air.

The smells of baked goods and the warmth of a fire.

Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apple cider.

Cozy flannels and scarves.

And pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins.

Candle burning to create a fall feel without pumpkins.

They seem to be a traditional staple in most home decorating for the fall. But what if you are looking for more neutral fall decorating ideas?

How do you create that fall feeling without inundating your home with pumpkins and fall leaves?

Neutral Fall Decorating Ideas

1. Decorate with fall colors

Even if you don’t use pumpkins in your decor, there are ways to bring in fall elements. Look through your decorations and find ones that have the traditional fall colors.

Browns, reds, oranges, greens, yellows, and blacks give a fall feel to your decorations, even if the items don’t have leaves and pumpkins on them.

Red, green, and brown vases

Combine them into groupings of threes on shelves, mantels, and tables to add small fall vignettes to your decorating. Make sure to use elements of varying heights to create variety in your display.

Orange vase, lantern, and candle in a box.

2. Decorate with cozy elements

Change out your summer pillows with fall colored ones. Choose pillows with neutral patterns so they can be used all fall.

Drape a blanket over a chair or basket.

Use the items you snuggle with during the cold fall days as a handy part of your decorating and create that warm feel with flannel and fabric.

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3. Use nature for a neutral fall decoration

Even if you don’t want to decorate with pumpkins and gourds, you can still pull fall colors from nature.

Sprinkle pinecones or acorns into a bowl and place it on a shelf or table.

Set rattan balls or an interesting piece of wood in front of fall colored items and add a little texture to your autumn decorating.

Rattan balls and drift wood in fall decor vignette with lantern and red vase.

4. Use lighting elements

Nothing says fall like the flickering of a candle or the warmth of a fire.

Lit orange and red candle for neutral fall decor ideas

Pulling in lanterns and candles into your fall shelf displays produces that feeling of cozy autumn nights curled up by the light of a flickering candle.

Or use fairy lights in a jar to create a warm glow.

5. Use fall scents

Though visual decorations are a big part of creating that sense of fall in your home, don’t neglect the other senses.

Adding a fall scent into your home adds to that feel of fall when you walk in the door.

Whether you boil a scent packet on your stove, use essential oils, candles, a wax burner, etc. create that fall atmosphere the minute you walk into your house with fragrance.

Wax burner and candles on shelf adding scent to your neutral fall decor

Decorate Your Home For A Neutral Fall Theme

You don’t have to go out and buy a ton of decorations to create a fall feel. These neutral fall decor ideas can be created with many of the elements you already own.

Creating a cozy fall atmosphere can be accomplished, even without the use of pumpkins, leaves, and traditional fall decor.

Or use a mix of both to create your own fall look.

Need some easy traditional fall decorating ideas, take a look at these 6 easy indoor fall decorations you can do in a day.

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Neutral fall decor of vases and candles on shelf.

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