Queen Sleigh Bed Makeover

We flipped our queen sleigh bed and gave it a face lift to match our new bedroom’s style. Check out our queen sleigh bed makeover.

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We have been frantically remodeling our bedroom for what seems like a long time. Yes. We are making progress. A lot of progress! I can’t wait to show you the final product!

We have finished all of the construction and painting portions of our project. The only thing we have left is the furniture/decor creation. (My favorite part!)

Update: Our Master Bedroom is finished and you can check out the reveal pictures here.

Queen sleigh bed after re-make into a modern design.

We have had our current bedroom furniture for around 15 years and our tastes have changed. Also, as we have remodeled our master bedroom and bathroom, we have worked hard to mix modern elements with the old character of our house. Furniture and decorations are a great way to change the look of a room. Plus, our color palate has changed a lot. We have moved from cherry wood, red, gold and greens to bronze, blue, and grey.

With all of these factors coming into play we were left with a challenge: How to up-cycle our old bed to make it work in our new room.

Queen Sleigh Bed: Before

Here are a few pictures of what our bed looked like in the master bedroom of our first house. That bedroom was large and we had a different color scheme. Our current house has a much smaller master bedroom.

Queen Sleigh Bed
Queen sleigh bed in master bedroom.

Queen Sleigh Bed Makeover Challenge

There were three things that needed to change about our bed in order for us to use it in our new space.

  1. Design/Style
  2. Size
  3. Color
Queen sleigh bed headboard

Changing the Design/Style

We knew we needed to take the sleigh portion of our bed off. Our master bedroom is not very big, so gaining back that extra foot or so lost by the swoop of the sleigh shape on our footboard and headboard was essential.

Taking apart the queen headboard

Our bed had several screws and dowels that attached the legs to the headboard and footboard. After we removed the screws we used a hammer to loosen the dowels from the headboard by lightly tapping the two pieces apart. This gave us flat pieces to work with.

We cut the sleigh portion off with a circular saw after marking a straight line.

Changing the Size

Our next step was to change the size of our bed. Since or bedroom doesn’t have very much square footage, we wanted our bed to feel smaller too.

We cut the headboard and footboard down with a table saw to give the bed a smaller profile overall. Man, it was hard to give up my footboard. I hate it when my blankets fall off the end of my bed! However, I love the way it looks, so it was worth the sacrifice!

When we reassembled the bed, we were able to attach new straight boards to the sides at the height we wanted.

Changing the Color

Our final challenge was changing the color of the old bed.

We primed and painted the sides and footboard of the bed a bronze color to match the fixtures in our room. The paint we used was Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Fast Dry (The Color we used= Pittsburgh Black Magic) and I am loving it. We also used the same paint on the dresser from this set, which we installed in our master closet. This paint glides on beautifully and with the right painting technique you can apply it with a brush without leaving brush strokes on your furniture.

Queen headboard painted a new color

Then we upholstered the headboard. We were able to find fabric for the headboard that was almost identical to the chairs that we had purchased for our bedroom. (Check out our bedroom reveal to see what the chairs look like.) We used metal tacks to match the look of our chairs as well.

Queen Sleigh Bed Makeover Results

Here is what the bed looks like after the makeover.

Modern queen bed makeover
Queen sleigh bed makeover

I am so happy with the results. It ties the room together perfectly and keeps a cohesive look to our furniture. We also didn’t have to buy a new bed!

I love to be able to reuse pieces in our house.

Don’t have time or desire to upgrade your existing bed? Click on the images below to find out more details about these other options with a similar look:

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How we remade our sleigh bed into a modern sleek design

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Queen sleigh bed before and after picture
Smiling woman with brown hair

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5 thoughts on “Queen Sleigh Bed Makeover”

  1. do you happen to have pictures of the steps? like after you cut the sleigh part off, after you separated the headboard from the straight piece? Just a little hard to follow. It came out great!

    • I will try to give you a few more details. Unfortunately, every bed is built differently so I can only tell you what we did on our bed. Our bed had several screws and dowels that attached the legs to the headboard. After we removed the screws we used a hammer to loosen the dowels from the headboard by lightly tapping the two pieces apart. This gave us flat pieces to work with.
      Once the pieces were separated, we cut the sleigh portion of the headboard off with a handheld circular saw, making sure to mark a straight line before cutting. My husband used new boards for the sides of the headboard which we were able to cut to the height we wanted the headboard at.
      Our foot board came apart in a similar fashion. After we took the legs off of the foot board, we cut off the top sleigh portion of the bed with a circular saw to just above some decorative molding that we wanted to keep. We also cut the top of the foot board sides off to match the new height.
      Our bed was pretty tall so we were able to cut some height off of the bottom of the feet of the bed as well.
      We sanded all of the rough edges before painting the bed.
      I hope this helps a little. I wish I could give you a straight how-to tutorial, but every bed is different so it is hard to give step-by-step instructions on a furniture flip.


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