Small Porch Fall Decor

Small porch fall decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes simple is best. In fact, small porches make it easy to add that pop of fall color to your home.

Small Porch Fall Decor Ideas: mums and decor on porch

I almost didn’t decorate my porch for fall this year. I have such a tiny little area off of our patio and it didn’t seem like a big enough place to decorate. Some day we plan to add a large covered porch on our house. (There used to be one when the house was first built, but it was torn off in a previous remodel.)

Small porch with fall decor of pumpkins and flowers

I always thought I had to wait for that ‘some day’ in order to decorate for fall outside.

But then I was invited to participate in a fall porch blog hop (you can check out the other porches at the bottom of this post) and it inspired me to look at my tiny porch in a new light.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Big

I realized that I was over thinking my outdoor fall decorations. Do you ever do that?

As I looked at my little porch, it dawned on me:

It doesn’t have to be big and complicated to be beautiful.

Fall pumpkins and flowers on crate

I compiled a simple arrangement of mums and marigolds (planted by my boys in spring) coupled with a lantern, a ceramic pumpkin I found at a thrift store, and this DIY wire pumpkin I created in a previous year. It made the perfect small porch fall decor. I also found an old crate in our attic which tied everything together.

Mums and Marigolds on small porch.

The flowers add that simple and bright pop of color that makes me love fall!

Lantern and pumpkin as small porch fall decor.
Small porch with fall decor and flowers on steps.

I love how this small porch fall decor turned out and it took less than thirty minutes to put together.

Don’t make decorating more complicated than it has to be. And don’t wait until you have the ‘perfect’ space before you decorate. Find ways to add beauty to the space you already have.

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Ready to decorate indoors too? check out this post for some easy indoor fall decorating ideas?

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Small porch fall decor pumpkins, crate, lamp and flowers

I hope you are inspired to find ways to decorate this fall. And if you need more inspiration, check out the amazing porches by the other talented bloggers of this porch fall blog hop.

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