Spring Mantel Decor Ideas on a Budget

Creating the perfect spring mantel doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look at spring mantel decor ideas on a budget for inspiration to create your own beautiful tribute to spring.

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Each year I like to come up with new ideas for spring decor. That doesn’t mean I buy all new things, but I try to either DIY something new or rearrange old decor to make it look new. This helps keep decorating costs down.

This year I really wanted to incorporate the hope of new life in my decor. So that meant I needed to add greenery into my spring mantel decor.

Succulent box planter with clock on mantel.

I was able to create a beautiful spring mantel for a small cost and I hope these ideas will help inspire you to do the same.

How To Decorate a Spring Mantel and Hearth

How Do You Decorate for Spring on a Budget

Creating a spring mantel on a budget can be very simple if you are willing to shop around a little and DIY some decor.

Spring mantel decor on a budget with farmhouse candlestick, succulent box planter and diy rustic home sign.

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Most of the items I used on my mantel this year were either purchased from the dollar store, were items I already owned, or were projects I made like the DIY Wooden Home Sign, the Succulent Planter Box, or the Farmhouse Candlestick.

The best place I have found to get cheap fake florals and succulents is the dollar tree. You can even order the flowers and succulents online.

White, green, and yellow spring flowers on hearth
Spring branch decor with yellow flowers

I also used my Simple Branch Decor, dollar store fake flowers, and vases I already owned to create a simple spring hearth.

Spring flowers in tins on the hearth

Decorating on a budget may take a little more work, but it can produce amazing results. Check out your local thrift store, dollar store, or your own home for items you can use. DIY a few decorations. Your results can be amazing!

Farmhouse candlestick on mantel with onion grass flower in vase.

If you like the products you see and don’t have time to make them, click on the pictures below to shop similar items.

What Looks Good on A Mantel

Decorating a mantel is all about balance.

Succulent, candle, and spring decor on mantel.

If you need help deciding what looks good on a mantel, experiment with pulling elements from these categories.

  1. The Focal Point = Usually a larger piece such as a mirror, picture, or group of pictures. This could also be a TV if that is the main piece over your fireplace. Ex. The rustic wooden Home sign I have above my mantel.
  2. Complimentary Decor= Small groupings of decorations on either end of the mantel. These compliment the focal point and enhance the design by tying in colors and textures from the main focal point and room. Often these will be in groups of threes because items arranged in odd groupings are noted to be more memorable and more pleasing to the eye. Ex. The candlestick/succulent grouping and the succulent/clock grouping on either end of my mantel. Note the teals, browns and rustic elements that work to enhance the colors and textures of the focal point piece.
  3. Garland, opt. = You can add garland to enhance the mantel, though this is an optional addition. Garland can either be hung below the mantel or set on top to add color and texture.

Always start with the focal point piece and then add the complimentary decor afterwards.

Spring decor on fireplace mantel and hearth.

Spring Mantel Decor Ideas with a TV

Decorating for spring with a TV over your mantel can be tricky. How you decorate does depend a little on how much space your TV takes up over your mantel. If your mantel stretches past your TV, add some vases with flowers or candlesticks of varying heights at either end of the TV.

Treat the TV as a center focal point and add items to either end of your mantel that compliment the look and feel of the room.

Adding a seasonal garland or pennants that hang off of the mantel can allow you more decorating freedom when you have a TV over your mantel. Especially if the TV takes up the entire mantel space.

Don’t be afraid to try new things to see what looks good in your space.

Budget Decor for your Spring Mantel and Hearth

Decorating for spring can be simple and fun and it really doesn’t have to cost a ton.

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to try your hand at decorating your mantel and hearth for spring.

Simple decorations and a little DIY can make a beautiful statement in your home.

Need more spring decorating inspiration? Check out this spring decor post that highlights the more earthy colors of spring. Or take a look at how to use mason jars in your spring decor.

Like what you see? Scroll through and click on the pictures to learn more about similar products you can purchase.

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Spring mantel decor ideas collage

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