Succulent Planter Box DIY Decor

Create this cute succulent planter box for some easy DIY decor. Or use the SVG file to add some fun to any succulent planter box ideas you want to create.

Teal Succulent planter crate with SVG file

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I love adding a little green to my decor. Especially if I can add plants.

However, there are some spaces in my home that don’t have enough light to keep plants alive. My kitchen is one of these areas.

I needed to come up with something green that didn’t cost a ton and still looked good, even as a fake plant.

I think succulents are the perfect plant for a kitchen. Since we often talk about food being succulent it is a great play on words and seemed perfect for my counter.

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Luckily, the Dollar Tree has a lot of awesome succulents and craft supplies, so I was able to purchase a lot of my decor for a great price.

Because I purchased all of the base supplies at the dollar store and had the paint on hand, this was a very cheap decoration to make. You don’t need to add the vinyl lettering onto your planter, but I wanted to add the tutorial and SVG file because I think it adds a fun aspect to the planter.

If you have an area of your home that needs a little extra green, try your hand at this easy tutorial.

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Supplies for succulent planter box

Materials You Need:

Succulent Planter Materials:

Vinyl Lettering Materials

How To Make a DIY Faux Succulent Planter Box Decoration

Step 1: Paint the box

Note: There are a lot of options for small wooden crates but the best deal I found was from the Dollar Tree. You can even order them online. The Dollar Tree is one of my go to stores for getting craft supplies.

First, I painted my wooden box with acrylic craft paint. Since I wanted a more rustic, white washed look, I watered down the paint.

To do this, dip your paint brush in water.

Then dip it in the paint and mix the water around until the paint is fairly watery. Brush the paint onto your box.

Repeat this until the outside and top rim of the box is painted.

Blue acrylic paint on box

I started with the island breeze paint color.

Then I painted over the blue with watered down white paint.

Painting white paint over blue on wooden box to create a white washed look

Step 2: (Optional) Upload the SVG file

Note: If you don’t have a cutting machine or don’t plan to add any lettering, you can skip step 2-4.

First, download my free SVG file from my resource library. (This library is available to my email subscribers. Not an email subscriber yet? Sign up at the bottom of this post.)

Below is the tutorial if you are using a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air.

Open up the file in Cricut Design space.

Resize it to fit your project. You can do this on the top center of your screen. For the box I made, I sized it to 5 inches wide and almost 2 inches high.

Cricut Design space succulent svg file

Ungroup the SVG file using the ungroup button on the right top of your screen.

Next, attach each color together. This keeps each color layer together the way it is currently laid out. Otherwise the machine will lay out the vinyl cuts next to each other to try to use the vinyl in the most effective manner. However, for our project, we want the vinyl to stay the way we have it on our mat.

To do this, click on the word (succulent) above each color layer. All of the cuts in that color should highlight. Click attach at the bottom right of the screen. There should be a total of 4 different color layers to attach

Attaching layers on Cricut Design space file.

When you are done, click on the Make It button on the top right menu.

Step 3: Cut Out the Vinyl

You should have 4 mats with the different color layers on each. You can either load each mat and color individually, or save time by putting all of your vinyl colors on one mat and cutting them out in one cutting session.

Vinyl on Cricut mat next to cutting machine

To do this, you will need to move the color layers onto one mat.

On Cricut Design Space, click on the design on the mat.

Select the three dots on the left.

Click move object.

Select the mat you want to move the object to.

Line them up on the mat so that they match the color of vinyl you plan on using. Do this for each layer until they are all on one mat.

Note: They will all turn one color once you move them, so make sure you keep track of which color you are using and place it on the corresponding location on your mat.

Click continue.

On the next screen select Vinyl: Use a light grip or standard grip mat- Fine point blade (Cricut Design Space is pretty good at telling you what you need to cut out the different material)

Follow the instruction to cut out the design.

Step 4: Transfer the Vinyl to the Wooden Succulent Planter

Peel the outside of the vinyl off the backing, leaving the design and letters. Use the weeding tools to keep the small pieces in place so they don’t shift.

Weeding black vinyl for succulent planter

You should only have the word and succulent layers left on the backing.

Note: The whole Succulent word can be together on one piece of backing. I had to re-do part of mine and so I had two separate pieces of vinyl I cut out. Keeping them as one unit will make it easier to keep the word straight when you apply it to the box later.

Layers of vinyl for the succulent planter on individual backing papers.

Use a piece of transfer tape and stick it onto the first layer of the succulent. (The dark green layer on the SVG.) I used a small piece that was just large enough to cover the succulent because it was easier to maneuver.

Putting the vinyl layers of the succulent on a piece of transfer tape

Leaving that green vinyl on the transfer tape, match it up with the light green layer and stick that to the same piece of transfer tape. Then add the purple layer. Use the plastic scraper to smooth the vinyl onto the transfer tape if you need it.

You should have the succulent stuck to your transfer tape.

Using one piece of transfer tape and lining everything up before you attach it to your wooden box is a much easier way to transfer your vinyl layers.

Now stick the succulent over the top of the black pot vinyl piece.

Hand holding S and succulent vinyl sticker

Use a piece of transfer tape to cover the rest of the word and transfer the whole word onto the tape. Make sure it is level and placed where you want it and then stick it onto the wooden crate. Use the scraper to rub the vinyl letters onto the crate to help transfer them to the wooden succulent planter and off of your transfer tape.

Using a plastic scraper to adhere vinyl to a wooden crate

Note: If your crate has lines in the way, like mine, you can fill those lines with a hot glue gun so that your vinyl has a flat surface to adhere to.

Succulent vinyl letters on blue wooden crate

Step 5: Add the Succulents

I wanted fake succulents for my decoration so I purchased two in small pots and one with a stem. I like the look of a succulent planter with rocks, but I didn’t want to put too many rocks into my planter.

Assemble the planter like this:

Stuff a piece of tissue paper in the bottom.

Stuffing white tissue paper in bottom of succulent planter box

Nest your succulents into the tissue paper.

Pour rocks over the top.

Hand pouring white rocks into succulent planter box

And you are done!

Easy Succulent Planter DIY

Now you can display your planter.

Blue succulent planter box diy with succulents plants and white rocks

I made mine for my kitchen counter and I plan on creating another one as a succulent planter for my mantel decor.

Succulent planter next to vase in kitchen
Succulent planter box filled with succulents and white rocks on counter

How about you? Are there any areas in your home that need some green, but aren’t bright enough for traditional plants?

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DIY succulent planter box decoration with SVG file

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