Affordable Wall Sconces You Will Want In Your Home

Searching for unique lighting for your home? Take a look at these affordable wall sconces you will actually want in your home.

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Did you know that this feature can make or break the feel of your room?

Yep. I am talking about lighting.

Lighting is a key element in your room’s design and so often it is sub-par. Usually there is not enough lighting options in a space, which leaves the room dark and shadowed.

When my husband and I remodel a space we always look at adding more lighting options. That is why I have been perusing sconces lately. We added sconce lighting to our upstairs hallway to create more ambiance. The sconces can be put on a dimmer switch to allow us to choose the mood of our lighting.

14 unique and affordable wall sconces you will actually want in your home.

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The Sconce We Chose for Our Hallway

Below is the sconce we chose for our hallway. I do admit that it is a little more on the plain side. We have a fancier chandelier type light going in the center of the ceiling in our hall, so I didn’t want to make the room feel too busy.

However, I loved the subtle bubble glass and the elegant look of the sconce for the space. The bubble glass gave a unique yet subtle quality to our sconce choice without drawing too much attention to it.

Affordable Wall Sconces for Your Home

After looking through hundreds of lighting options, I realized how many sconces look the same. There were so many boring options out there. So I picked out a few of my favorite affordable wall sconces to show you a few fun options available for your home. Of course, you will still need to do your research to make sure the size and design fit your style.

Click on the picture for more info.

Choosing the Right Sconce for Your Room

Lighting is a key part of your home’s design. Where you place your lights, how many lights you use, and what style of lighting will affect the way the room looks and functions.

Remember to keep your home’s overall design in mind when choosing your lighting so that your design has a consistent feel. However, don’t be afraid to try some unique lighting options that fit the theme of your home.

Hopefully these ideas will help jumpstart your search for affordable lighting for your home.

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Affordable wall sconces you will actually want in your home.

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