Winter Pine Tree Snow Globe DIY

Need a simple but elegant winter decoration for your hearth or table? Make this winter pine tree snow globe vignette for an easy DIY.

Often when we decorate, we make things complicated.

However, I am a firm believer that decorating ones home should be fun and easy and the projects you make to add your personality into your space shouldn’t overwhelm you.

Pine tree snow globe decoration.

That is why I came up with this easy way to make the pine trees from our Christmas village look more elegant and fit into my decorating theme all winter long. I was able to use these pine trees with my old fashioned Christmas decorating theme and plan to keep them out until spring.

If you are looking for a simple DIY for winter decorating, take a look at this fun idea.

How to Make Winter Pine Tree Snow Globes

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This project is meant to be a temporary snow globe so I did not add liquid. The jars give the look and elegance of a snow globe without the permanence.

Step 1: Tape the Trees

Cut off a piece of tape big enough to make a circle, sticky side out. Then stick the circle of tape to the bottom of the tree.

Finally, stick the tree bottom to the inside of the jar lid.

Supplies for pine tree snow globe and hand holding tree with tape stuck to the bottom.

If you are wanting to make your jars more permanent, you can hot glue the tree to the lid, but I plan on using my trees and jars in other ways, so I wanted a less permanent option.

Step 2: Add the Snow

Rip apart cotton balls so that they look like snow.

Cotton balls in hands, one ripped apart into snow, the other whole.

Add them to the lid around your tree. I just set mine on top of the lid and didn’t add any glue.

If you want to add glitter to your snow, you can. I added a little to one of mine, but I couldn’t really see it and I was not planning on tipping my trees upside down, so I decided not to put glitter on the snow in the rest of my globes.

Dumping glitter on fake snow around a bottle brush tree in a jar lid.

Step 3: Add the Jar

Now, tip your jar upside down and screw the jar onto the lid, keeping the tree upright.

Ideas on How to Display Your Pine Tree Snow Globes

Use a variety of sizes of trees and jars to add visual appeal to your vignette. Place some trees without jars next to your display as well.

You can add them straight onto your hearth.

Bottle brush tree snow globes.

Or set your globes in a wooden crate or on a tray and add fake snow around them for another fun option.

Pine tree snow globes in crate on hearth next to Christmas tree pillow.

These work beautifully on a hearth, table, or as a winter table centerpiece idea in your dinning room.

Pine tree snow globes in crate on dinning room table.

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Snow globe materials ready for easy winter decorating diy.
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