How to Draw 3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a simple craft tutorial for this Valentines day? Try your hand at 3D conversation heart chalkboard art for an easy Valentine’s decoration.

If you are wanting an easy Valentine’s Day craft to spruce up your home decor why not try your hand at chalk board art?

This simple Valentine’s Day decor is a fun way to add some holiday art to your home and it is easily changeable when a new season or holiday arrives.

Don’t have a chalkboard? Make a DIY chalkboard with this tutorial.

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Ready to make some 3D art?

Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial and learn how to draw 3D conversation hearts to fill your empty spaces with a little Valentine’s Day cheer.

Materials You Need:

How to Draw 3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art

Step 1: Draw the heart

Pick a place on your chalkboard and draw a heart shape.

Shade it in.

Hand drawing pink chalk heart on chalkboard

I like to use regular chalk for this because it is easier to erase if I make a mistake.

If you don’t want to free hand your heart, you can use a stencil or cookie cutter and trace around it.

Step 2: Create the 3D elements

Flip your piece of chalk so that you are drawing with the rounded long side of the chalk piece. Line one tip of the chalk up with the pointed end of the heart and lay it on the edge of your heart.

Drawing shading on heart with chalk

Pull the chalk down away from the heart about a half inch, drawing a shaded line on one side of your heart.

Now, connect the shaded half inch line to where your heart starts to curve up with a tapered line and fill that space in with chalk.

Connecting 3D shadow on heart with chalk line

You should have a ‘shadow’ below your heart on one side.

Rub the chalk with your finger or a tissue until it is blended in.

Blending chalk on chalk heart with finger

Step 3: Use a Chalk Marker to Shade

Use a chalk marker that is the same color as the chalk you used to draw your heart to outline your heart.

Hand outlining chalk heart with chalk marker

Color in the shadow you just drew on one side of your heart.

If you don’t want your chalk marker to be as bright on your shadow, blend it in with a tissue.

Blending chalk marker with tissue on heart

You can also use a piece of regular chalk and draw over the chalk marker if you don’t want the line to be quite as defined. Blend it with your finger or tissue.

Step 4: Add a Message to Your Conversation Hearts

Grab a pink or white chalk board marker and write a sweet message on your chalkboard candy hearts.

Writing message on 3D Conversation Heart Chalkboard Art

Set the chalkboard in your living or dinning room or anywhere you need a little Valentine’s Day art in your home. I keep mine in my mud room as a fun way to welcome everyone home.

3D conversation heart chalkboard art hanging in mud room by coat
4 3D Chalk Conversation Hearts on chalkboard

What kind of chalk should you use to make chalkboard art?

I love mixing both regular stick chalk and chalk markers.

Combining the two provides a better way to blend colors and add depth to the art.

If you only want to use one or the other, don’t color the top of the heart. Only draw the outline and shade in the side shadow on the heart. That way your heart’s message will be easier to see.

How do you get chalk marker off your chalkboard?

If you make a mistake, use a piece of damp paper towel or cloth to carefully wipe it away. Chalk markers are easily cleaned with water if you wipe them up immediately.

Hand erasing mistake on chalk heart with damp paper towel

However, if your chalk marker art has sat on your chalkboard for a while, it is a lot harder to remove.

The best method I have found to clean a chalkboard is with a magic eraser. Just add a little water and it washes your chalkboard marker art right off.

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Chalkboard markers and 3D Conversation Hearts chalkboard art
Smiling woman with brown hair

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