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How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors
DIY House Projects | Home Improvement

How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

As floors get older, gaps between the boards are a common occurrence. Learn how to fix gaps in hardwood floors to create a smoother finish. One of the treasures of an older home is finding original hardwood flooring. It is something that we were lucky enough to have in most of the rooms of the … Read more

Kitchen Remodeling Progress
DIY House Projects | Home Improvement | Home Reveal

Kitchen Remodeling Progress

Take a look at our kitchen remodeling progress. We are wrapping up our kitchen upgrade and can’t wait to share our latest projects. Our kitchen was one of the first spaces in our home that we started remodeling. We purchased our fixer upper home and then shortly afterwards had to deal with water damage when … Read more

Heart Decorative Jar Luminary: Easy 3D Paper Heart Decor
Budget DIYs | DIY Crafts | DIY Cricut Projects | DIY Home Decor & Crafts | Holidays | Upcycled Projects | Valentines Day

Heart Decorative Jar Luminary: Easy 3D Paper Heart Decor

Create a romantic atmosphere with this heart decorative jar luminary. It’s an easy 3D paper heart decoration for your table or room. I love making simple crafts out of things that would normally get thrown out. For example, turning coconut shells into mushroom decorations or creating a 3D heart canvas out of toilet paper rolls. … Read more

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