How to Make a Beautiful Ornament Gift Tag Out of a Placemat

Make your wrapped gifts beautiful with a diy ornament gift tag. They are an easy way to create a unique and stunning addition to your gift wrapping.

Christmas ornament gift tags made out of placemats

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I know wrapping presents isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. There is something my creative self enjoys about making the presents look beautiful.

I love carefully selecting paper, ribbon, and bows.

I guess it is another way to be creative and artistic, even though I know the paper will all get ripped off to reveal the hidden treasure underneath.

This year I made these fun ornament gift tags to go along with my Christmas presents. They are a beautiful way to add a little bit of elegance and originality to your gift wrapping.

And they can be used for an ornament after they are done making your presents pretty.

Supplies for making gold ornaments out of placemats.

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Materials You Need:

Steps to Make a DIY Ornament Gift Tag

Step 1: Trace your ornament

Use cookie cutters or a stencil to trace out the shape you want your ornament to have on the gold placemat.

Tracing tree ornament onto gold placemat.

I used a dry erase marker on the front side because it wiped right off. You can also trace it on the back side if you don’t have a dry erase marker.

Step 2: Cut out your ornament

Once you have your ornament design traced, cut it out with your scissors.

Cutting out shape in gold placemat.

The holes in the placemat I used make the ornament look beautiful, but they can create a little challenge when you are cutting out your lines as they may look a little funny. Trim your ornament until you like the way it looks.

Use the holes and loops to your advantage to add texture and character to your ornament gift tag.

Trimming the edges of the placemat with scissors to create a better tree shape.

I tried to use the natural loops in the placemat to create a top loop for my ornament to put the string in later.

Note: Make sure to keep your placemat in a flat area. I let mine get a little folded and bunched and the ornaments weren’t laying as flat as I had planned. If this happens to you, set a heavy book on them and they should flatten again.

Step 3: Tie an Ornament string on

You can use fishing line or hemp cord to make a loop so that your ornament can be hung on a tree. This also is a great way to attach it to your present.

An easy way to tie your hemp cord on your ornament is to make a loop, tuck the two ends into a hole in your ornament, then bring them back through the loop you created with your hemp.

Tying hemp cord onto ornament.

Then tie your loose ends in a knot or bow to form a loop.

Tying knot onto end of hemp cord.

Ornament Gift Tag

There are so many options you can create. I love the big box of cookie cutters I have because I could play around with all kinds of fun Christmas shapes.

The box also includes ornaments for other seasons. You could easily make these into hearts for valentines day or flowers for spring decorating.

Now that you have made some fun shapes, add them to your gifts to give them a beautiful and elegant look. For a less permanent gift tag, tape a piece of paper and write the name and message to the loved one you are giving your gift to.

Round ornament gift tag on Christmas gift.

For a more permanent option use letter stickers on the front of the ornament to spell out the name of the one you are giving the gift to.

I made 6 ornaments and still had enough placemat left over for probably four more. This is an economical and fun way to make unique ornament name tags for your gifts and add a little personality to your wrapping.

Gold ornament gift tags made out of placemats.

If you are looking for another DIY ornament idea, try these DIY blackboard star ornaments.

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Easy and thrifty DIY Christmas ornament gift tags

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