Best Size Wreath for Kitchen Cabinets (+ My Favorite Mini Wreaths)

Looking for the best size wreath for kitchen cabinets this Christmas? Take a look at these tips and options.

Mini wreath held up with red ribbon.

One of my favorite Christmas decorating trends right now is the mini wreaths hung on the front of kitchen cabinet doors.

These cute little wreaths add so much joy to the kitchen this time of year and are an easy way to create a festive feel each holiday season in the heart of your home.

Because of this, I had to compile a few of my favorite mini wreath options available for sale.

However, before I show you my favorite Christmas wreath options, let’s answer everyone’s burning question. How big should each cute little wreath be?

What Size Wreath to Use for Kitchen Cabinets

The perfect wreath size for your kitchen cabinets will depend on the size of your cabinet doors and the look you are going for in your decorating style.

To figure out what size wreath to use for your kitchen cabinets, you need to answer these two questions.

  1. How big are your cabinets? You will want your wreath to be smaller than each cabinet you plan to hang it on, but not too small.
  2. What style of holiday decor are you going for in your kitchen? Small wreaths will be less busy (especially if you are planning on hanging one on each of your upper cabinets). A bigger wreath might be the perfect option if you are only planning on hanging a few wreaths on your cabinet doors. (Remember, that either way, the wreath should be smaller than the width of your cabinet.)

To give a very basic sizing answer, you should purchase 5-13 inch wreaths for your kitchen cabinets.

But before you go out and purchase a bunch of kitchen cabinet wreaths for your Christmas decorations, you need to do a little work.

1. Measure Your Cabinets

Cabinets in kitchens can vary in height and width, so your first step is to measure the cabinet doors in your kitchen where you plan to hang your wreaths with a measuring tape. The most important aspect is the width of your cabinet, so measure and write it down.

Measuring tape measuring width of kitchen cabinet.

For example, we have cabinet doors in our kitchen ranging from 10″-19″ wide.

Because of this, I made my own DIY Christmas cabinet wreaths in two different sizes, since I was hanging them on the front door of two different sized cabinets. On the 10″ wide door, I hung 6″ wreaths. On the 19″ door, the diameter of the wreath was 12″.

If you have varying widths of cabinets, you will either want to purchase smaller wreaths that fit on all of your cabinet doors, or make your own DIY easy mini wreath that you can customize to the perfect size for your home with this tutorial.

Two different size wreaths for kitchen cabinets with red ribbon hanging.

Note: If you plan to use different sizes of wreaths, I would not put them on each cabinet. Use them to frame something in your kitchen, like your stove or sink.

As a rule, don’t use two different sizes of wreaths next to each other on your cabinets, unless the cabinets are different heights.

Of course, normal design trends are really guidelines. If you try something and love it, then you should go for it. Just keep in mind that some balance is usually more pleasing to the eye and that is why it is recommended to keep your wreaths the same size on your cabinets.

Hanging a larger wreath on a stove range with smaller wreaths next to it is a great option for changing up wreath sizes.

2. Figure Out How Many Wreaths You Want

Knowing how many cabinets you plan to hang wreaths on can help you determine what is the best size to buy.

For example, if you want a wreath on each cabinet door you might choose a smaller, simple wreath style. If you hang only a couple of wreaths, you may want larger festive wreaths to highlight your holiday kitchen decor.

Deciding ahead of time what your decorating style will be can help narrow down what size of wreath to use for your upper cabinet doors.

Where to Hang Your Cabinet Wreath

You will want to hang your cabinet wreath in either the center or upper half of your cabinet door. Again, the exact height is up to you. However, you do want to make sure that your wreaths are even with each other on each cabinet. Your wreath placement will depend a little on the height of your cabinets.

The simplest way to hang a cabinet wreath is with a length of ribbon attached to the back of the wreath or hooked over the top of the wreath and hung over the top of the door. Cut the ribbon long enough so you can adjust the height of your wreath on your cabinet door until you like the way it looks.

Also, don’t forget to be aware of the weight of your wreath.

Most mini wreaths are attached to the back of the cabinet door with a command hook or command strips. The ends of the ribbon are then hooked inside of the cabinet and the piece of ribbon is draped over the top of the cabinet door. As a result, smaller, lightweight wreaths will hold up longer.

Favorite Mini Wreath Options

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you click a link and make a purchase I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you). Please see my disclaimer page for more information.

Now that you have done your research and have a better idea of what size of wreath and how many you want to buy, here are my favorite mini wreath options for sale.

I tried to find ones in a variety of sizes to fit various door sizes and looks.

Luckily there are quite a few mini wreath options, perfect for your kitchen cabinet displays.

Whether you are looking for a more simple wreath like the faux pine wreaths or want one with a traditional red ribbon and red bow, there are so many beautiful options.

If you still can’t decide on what to purchase you can always try your hand at making your own DIY faux greenery wreath with this tutorial. Creating your own wreath is a great way to make exactly what you want.

Whatever wreath you choose, I hope you find the perfect one to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Want to remember this for later? Save it to your favorite Christmas board on Pinterest.

Mini wreath measured with a tape measure.

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