DIY Snowman Lighted Canvas Pictures + Free Printable

Snowman lighted canvas picture

Lighted canvas pictures can add a beautiful glow to any room. Use these steps to create your own DIY Snowman lighted canvas to celebrate all that is fun about winter. Snow. Who knew one word could instill so much emotion? Yet, I have found that there seems to be only two sides to this equation. … Read more

Faux Stained Glass Window Art Silhouette

Stained glass window silhouette with painted tree

Turn a window or glass framed picture into a beautiful faux stained glass window art silhouette. This window art uses glue and acrylic paint to achieve breathtaking colors for a fun art project. Have you ever found yourself with an old window or glass framed picture and you didn’t know what to do with it? … Read more

Easy Dust Bunny Costume

Dust bunny costume

Make this easy dust bunny costume with an old t-shirt, quilting batting, and a little paint. This is an easy, last-minute DIY costume that doesn’t require sewing. It’s that time of year again. The time of panic, when a parent realizes that there are only a couple of weeks left. A couple of weeks before … Read more