Easy Foam Bunny Mask + Free Template Printable

Wanting to make a fun Spring craft that your kids are sure to enjoy? Try this easy foam bunny mask that will have your kids ‘hopping’ for joy.

Easy foam bunny mask craft

One of my kids’ favorite dress up paraphernalia is masks. There is something about a mask that transforms the wearer.

No longer are they simply a kid.

Now they are a ferocious lion, silly monkey, or hopping bunny.

Our kids had several of these foam masks in their dress up box, but only one of each kind. It is hard to be a colony of bunnies when there is only one bunny mask.

So, I came up with a template to make more bunny masks, which I thought would be a fun craft right around Easter.

I hope you have fun making this easy foam bunny mask with the kids in your life too.

Craft supplies for making foam bunny masks

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Materials You Need:

Steps to Make an Easy Foam Bunny Mask

Step 1: Print and Cut out the Template

The first thing to do is print out the template I made for you from my free resource library. (Need the password? Sign up at the bottom of the page).

You will need a .pdf reader to open it. If your computer does not come with one, you can download one online for free.

Bunny mask template printable

The printable is designed to fit an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

Cut the template out with a scissors.

Cutting out bunny mask template

Step 2: Trace and cut out your foam

Use the template to trace out your mask on the craft foam. You will want 9″x12″ foam for the face piece. For my bunny I used white craft foam for the face and smaller sheets of colored foam for the whiskers, nose , and ears, but you can use any color combinations you want.

Use a pencil to trace an outline on the foam, using the template.

Tracing template onto foam

You will need to cut 2 of several of the pieces, so make sure to pay attention to the number when you are tracing out your pieces.

Again, use a scissors to cut out the foam pieces.

Cutting out pieces of craft foam

Step 3: Glue the pieces together

I used Tacky glue for this step because of its flexibility. You don’t want to use a glue that dries hard because the foam mask needs to be able to bend around the wearer’s face.

Gluing pieces on the mask

Hint: Make sure to glue the whiskers under the snout piece.

Bunny mask whiskers

Let the glue dry.

Step 4: Add the elastic band

Poke a hole with a nail in each side of the mask. DO NOT make the holes too big. You only want them to be big enough to fit a small elastic band in them.

Poking hole in foam mask

The best bands I found were the ones with metal tips that are designed for masks. However, I didn’t have time to order some of these and couldn’t find them in my local store. I did find some stretchy beading¬†wire which I tied around the edge of the mask.

It shouldn’t matter too much what kind of string you use, as long as it stretches.

String options for mask

You want the string to be tight enough to fit snugly around the face without digging in to the skin. I cut mine to about 14″ which still gave me enough room to tie the elastic band onto the mask. You will have to measure it to the child who is creating the mask.

Easy Foam Bunny Mask

And that is it.

This is a fun craft to make around Easter.

Bunny mask in shadow
Easy foam bunny mask craft

You can also use this mask as part of a fun and easy DIY dust bunny costume for Halloween.

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I hope it is something you will enjoy creating.

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Easy Foam Bunny Mask Craft for Kids
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