Best Gifts for Board Game Lovers in 2021

If you are looking for the best gifts for board game lovers, take a look at this gift guide with our favorite games and fun gift ideas.

Board games are a fun way to enjoy the holiday season as they bring you together in an interactive way. They can make some of the best gifts because there are so many different aspects and types of games. And no matter what level of board gamers you are shopping for, there is something for everyone.

So, whether you are looking for that perfect gift for the board game enthusiasts on your list, hunting for an idea for that hard-to-shop-for family member, or needing a new game idea for game night, take a look at these best board game gifts for the board game lovers on your list.

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Card Games

Whether they enjoy the classic games, like Uno, Skip Bo, or Phase 10 or are into new card games like Llamas Unleashed, there are so many fun card game options. Here are a few of our favorites.

Or get them a nice set of cards and a book of card game ideas so they can learn and try many different games.

Strategy Games

Our family loves strategy games and I have played a lot of them. Below are a few of my favorite tabletop games in the strategy game genre.

In Scotland Yard and Forbidden Island you work together as team members to make it to the end of the game. These two games are a great way to interact with each other as you strategize the best way to conquer the game.

Forbidden Dessert is made by the same company as Forbidden Island. I haven’t played it yet, but am planning on adding it to my Christmas list this year.

If you enjoy a strategy game that allows you to compete with each other try Ticket to Ride or Splendor. These games are a great addition to any gamer’s repertoire. Or, try the Oregon Trail game. The graphics are much better than the computer game, but the trip across the board game is just as epic.

Settlers of Catan

One of the best known game series in the board game community is Settlers of Catan. Any board game enthusiast knows about this game series with its high quality game pieces and board that can be changed around for varied game play.

You start with the base game and then can add any number of expansion sets to change up the way the game is played. You can also add an extension set to each expansion to add a 5th and 6th player to the game.

Make sure to start with the original set. Then add more sets in the future for an endless number of future gift ideas.

Stonemaier Games

Though I have not played all of the games put out by Stonemaier, I do own Scythe and based on the quality of this game I am impressed with the Stonemaier brand. One of the unique aspects of these games is that you can play the games alone or with others.

The pieces are high quality with vibrant colors and details.

Dice Trays, Towers, and Storage

If you have gamer friends and don’t know what board games they already have, consider gifting a dice tower as a unique gift. Dice towers and trays make rolling dice much easier.

Or get a dice bag for storing all of the many gaming pieces needed to play their favorite games.

Classic Board Games

Of course a board game list isn’t complete without adding a classic board game or two onto it. Even though they aren’t new board games, these classic games have withstood the passing of time and each is still a great game to play. You may even be able to find an original game for less at a thrift store. Regardless of how you purchase these items, they are just as much fun to play now as they were when they were created.

Or, for those who like to travel, try this compact game assortment pack. The best part is the pieces are magnetic which makes it great to bring on the road.

Party Games

Who doesn’t love a great party game?

Yet, sometimes it is hard to find one that everyone can agree upon playing.

If you are looking for a few fun ideas, take a look at these party games.

For a less verbal group game, try Farkle or Mexican Train Dominoes for a fun and perfect present.

For those who like trivia, a great choice of games is Trivial Pursuit or The Logo Game.

Two-Player Games

It can be challenging to find good games for just two players. Many of the best games require a lot of people to play in order for them to be fun. However, the games below make great two-players games and are just as fun to play with less people. If you are looking for a two-player game any of these would make an excellent gift.

Games for Kids and Adults

For anyone who has kids, finding a game that is both interesting to adults and has simple rules so a child can understand it, can be challenging. Younger children may still need to be on a team with mom or dad, but these games are simple enough to play with your younger kids.

Board Game Decor

If you don’t want to get another board game for your gamer, these fun pillows might be just the statement your gamer needs for their living room or bed room. Or gift them this fun game poster for their room decor.

Board Game Gear

Have a coffee loving gaming friend? Get them these fun meeple coasters and meeple mug. Or buy a t-shirt that helps them proclaim their love of board games.

Gift Ideas for Board Game Lovers

If you are tired of always presenting a gift card for that birthday gift or Christmas present, pick a board game gift idea from the list for a practical gift that doesn’t involve a video game.

With so many options available there is sure to be something for that game loving person on your shopping list.

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    For my littlest kids, we love cooperation games. Their favorites right now are Outfoxed and Dinosaur Tea Party. Both have mysteries to solve like Clue or Guess Who.


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