80+ Best Lego Gifts for Lego Lovers: Ideas for All Ages

Looking for a unique gift for the Lego fanatic on your list? Check out this list of the best Lego gifts for Lego lovers of all ages.

Legos are one of the best toys!

There is something about those plastic blocks that are so much fun to play with.

Not only do they help with fine motor skills, but they are a great way to enhance imagination and make creative ideas come to life.

Yes, they can sometimes become a parent’s obstacle course as once again one has to navigate around all of the Lego bricks scattered across the floor, but with the right organizational system and method for storing Legos, they can be the perfect gift for any age.

My kids have enjoyed Legos at all ages and they are always on my kids’ wish lists.

If you have Lego lovers in your home, it isn’t too hard to find a cool gift to give. There are so many great options for all ages, including adults. Take a look at these great gift ideas to see if you can find a unique Lego gift for the Lego fanatic on your list this holiday season.

Best Lego Gift Ideas for All Ages

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Lego Duplo

For the little Lego lover on you gift list, take a look at the Lego Duplo sets available. The brand name Lego Duplo sets can be a little expensive, but they are of an amazing quality. Duplo blocks are a great way for little kids to practice their motor skills.

You can also find blocks by other companies, often for a cheaper price, like this dinosaur block set or this block set that combines the fun of a marble tower with the creativity of building blocks.

Lego Sets

For older kids, there are so many Lego sets available for sale. No matter what the interest, it is almost guaranteed that there is some fun way that the Lego company has combined a love of Lego with any hobby, movie, or other fascination. The building sets listed barely scratch the surface of the different Lego kits available.


My boys love Lego Minecraft sets and there are so many options to choose from. Here are a few of their favorites.

Harry Potter Sets

There are so many fun sets from this movie series, ranging in price and size. There are even collectible playsets of various Hogwarts school rooms.

Sets for the Star Wars Fan

Lego Friends

Again, there are so many different Lego Friends sets to choose from. Take a look at all of the variety for a perfect addition to any game play.

Sets from Popular Kids Movies

There are a ton of sets from many different kids movies, shows and video games. Here are just a few.

Lego 3-in-1 Sets

They may be a small Lego set, but these unique sets give the user instructions to create 3 different items with the same Lego blocks. They are a creative way to explore different building methods without breaking the bank as most of them are fairly inexpensive.

Lego City Sets and Creator Sets

Looking for every day life sets? The Lego City and Creator sets have a ton of variety when it comes to different occupations, locations, and vehicles.

Lego Race Cars

Have a need for speed? Take a look at this list of Lego gifts for the race car Lego lover.

Lego Stem Sets

Klutz Lego has come up with kits that help kids explore STEM principles. If your child loves science and Legos, take a look at these fun sets, including Lego chain reactions and Gear Bots.

Lego Craft Kits

Lego dots craft kits allow the creative child to make craft projects with a Lego flare. Take a look at the many options available.

Lego Vidiyo

Have an aspiring cinematographer? Let them try their hand at Lego Vidiyo where they can bring their Lego characters to life through film.

Lego Classic sets of Bricks

My kids love getting a box full of building bricks to add to their Lego collection. They are always looking for more Lego pieces to build awesome Lego creations. Having a variety of different colors and a large quantity of bricks of different sizes and shapes, gives them new ways to make fun creations of their own and enhances their Lego play.

Lego Baseplates

A Lego baseplate, or a whole pack of them, is a great addition to any Lego lovers collection. Especially ones who like to create different designs and keep them displayed. There are a lot of off brand baseplates that are cheaper as well.

Extra Lego figures

There never seems to be enough Lego mini figures in the box of Legos. Buying some extra can help everyone have enough Lego characters for their games.

Lego Ideas books

Want to inspire their creativity? Get them a Lego idea book full of new ideas to create and build.

Lego Movies

The Lego movies are fun for both kids and adults and would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Lego Advent Calendars

Help them count down to Christmas with a block advent calendar. Each day they get to add something new and fun to their Lego set.

Lego organization

These fun Lego containers are a great way to organize Legos. Or use them in any bedroom or playroom to create instant decor and storage at the same time. Add a Lego table and the room is ready for play.

Grab the cute green lunch box for a fun way to cart food back and forth to school.

Lego Apparel

There are so many kinds of Lego apparel, perfect for many different ages. Whether it’s a Lego watch or a fun wallet, there are many different ways they can show off their love of Lego.

Other Lego Items

There are so many other fun things to buy with a Lego theme. From puzzles and a Lego alarm clock to a unique Lego mug that allows you to drink and build at the same time, there are a lot of great gift ideas to choose from that aren’t sets of blocks.

If you are looking for other ideas for your Lego fanatic that don’t involve small plastic pieces, check out these fun options.

Adult Lego sets

There are some amazing Lego sets for the adult Lego fans. These sets are complicated (and expensive), but they are incredibly detailed and I had to at least put a couple of them on this list. Take a look at these elaborate sets for the adult Lego lover on your list.

Adult Art Sets

You can make beautiful art with blocks. There are a number of options for different tastes.

Adult Lego sets

These Lego sets are collectors items that you can assemble into amazing displays.

The Best Lego Gifts for Lego Lovers

Hopefully you will be able to pick a few perfect Lego gifts for those on your gift list this year. There are so many amazing option available at a range of prices and hopefully this list of gift ideas will help you tackle your holiday shopping.

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