How to Transition to Winter Mantel Decor After Christmas

It doesn’t have to be complicated to transition to winter mantel decor after Christmas. Follow these easy tips to create a simple winter look.

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Christmas is done.

The tree and stockings have been packed away.

All of the red and green, the santas, the reindeer are housed safely back in their bins for next Christmas.

And now you have a bare mantel and hearth, staring back at you.

Maybe you are a little burned out from all of the festivities and you just want things to be simple.

So how do you easily transition from Christmas decorations to winter mantel decor with the least amount of work?

Winter Mantel decorated using things already on hand

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How to Decorate Your Mantel After Christmas

1. Use Your Christmas Decorations

Before you pack all of your Christmas decorations away, look through them and see if there are any decorations that can stay out all winter.

Depending on how you decorate for Christmas it can be very easy to re-use a lot of your decor for winter mantel decorations. Some ideas include:

  • White or blue lights
  • Snowmen, snowflakes, icicles
  • White or blue flowers
  • Cozy flannels or plaid
  • White, silver, clear, or blue vases, candlesticks, crates, etc.
  • White, blue, or silver ornaments
  • Pinecones and evergreens

My Winter Wonderland Themed Christmas decor provided the least amount of work to transition to winter of any of my Christmas decorating themes. All I had to do was take down the stockings and everything else could stay.

Winter mantel decor with snowflakes, silver tree, and blue vase

If you need ideas for more than your Christmas mantel, check out this post on easy winter decorations based mostly off of the decor I normally use at Christmas time.

2. Deck out a Window, Picture Frame, or Sign

If you have your tv over your mantel, then this suggestion may not work. If that is the case, your tv acts as your large piece of art work.

However, if you aren’t settled on the art on your mantel, try changing it up with a DIY home sign or an old window.

Home sign with snowflakes and clock on mantel

Switching your art around on your mantel is an easy way to create a new look in your space. Both of these art pieces can ground your mantel while providing the freedom to leave them neutral or change them up for the season.

Clock, and window on mantel with snowflakes and blue lights

If you are looking for a more woodsy winter theme, you can learn how to create a faux snowy window for your winter decorating here.

Spray snow window with brown clock and evergreens on mantel.

Or maybe you love drawing and want to create chalkboard art for your mantel. You can create a faux chalkboard with a window or glass fronted picture frame and some black construction paper for a fun, changeable winter scene.

DIY Faux winter themed chalkboard on a window

Having some sort of large neutral art on your mantel can give you an easy way to change up your decor for the season.

3. Invest in Versatile Pieces

Creating a stock of neutral decorations can make transitioning from one season to the next a lot easier. If you can use your decorations for more than one season or holiday, it makes decorating your mantel a lot quicker.

When you look for your larger decorative pieces, try to find ones that are neutral. Building up a variety of larger, neutral pieces can help make decorating easier.

My favorite neutral decorations consist of:

  • Crates
  • Caddies
  • Vases
  • Jars
  • and Buckets

I use all of these items in my mantel decorating at various times. I can move them around, fill them with different decorations for the season, etc. They may not always appear in my decor each season, but having a variety of options gives me the freedom to play around with how and when I use them in my decorating.

If I don’t use them on my mantel, then I can move them to other areas of the home.

Changing your existing decorations around can give your room a brand new look.

Blue vases and white jug on hearth

If you don’t have many neutral decorations, you can find a lot of great pieces at thrift stores and garage sales. They may take a little work and paint to update them to your style, but it is pretty easy to create some fun decor out of thrifted items. You can check out this post on how to upcycle a thrifted wooden caddy for some great seasonal ideas.

Caddy filled with blue and silver Christmas bulbs

4. Decorate with Winter Printables

One budget friendly option for changing your decor is adding a few printable art pieces onto your mantel.

There are a lot of free or cheap option for art prints. Add a frame and lean them on your mantel for an inexpensive decorating update.

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Transitioning to Winter Mantel Decorations Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Decorating for winter doesn’t have to be complicated.

Though I tend to be drawn to the cooler blues and whites of snow and ice, I have begun to enjoy the white and greens of a woodsy and cozy winter theme. Adding plaid or flannel, birch logs, and lamps can also give your home a warm feeling in the winter.

Or, if you don’t want to decorate for winter at all, use seasonally neutral items to make your space feel new after Christmas.

That is the fun about decorating!

Everyone gets to add a little piece of their creativity, tastes, and design into their home and that makes decorating a space exciting.

Want to find these ideas later? Save this to your favorite decor board on Pinterest.

Winter decorations on mantel

Like what you see? I found a few similar items to the ones I decorated with in winter. Click the pictures to check out the details.

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