Easy Sock Monster Costume

Out of ideas for Halloween costumes? Make this easy sock monster costume out of socks and a t-shirt. No sewing is required!

I might be a little bit of a dork. I’ve had this idea in my mind for forever and have been saving socks for this moment in time for years. But this was the year. It was time to make a sock monster costume for Halloween.

Little boy wearing DIY sock monster costume.

You know…. the monster that comes and steals all of the socks from your laundry?

This costume is so easy.

It just requires a lot of …you guessed it… SOCKS!

Supplies for making a sock monster costume

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Materials You Need:

  • Socks (To be authentic I saved mismatched socks for years -Yes! I know. I’m a little bit of a dork- but you can always raid your sock drawer or buy a pack of colorful socks. The socks should not get ruined so you can wear them later. You might as well find some fun ones if you are going to purchase them, like these monster socks.)
  • An old t-shirt (I grabbed a large one so it could fit over coats because it’s cold here, but you can grab any size you want.)
  • A hat
  • Safety pins

2 Steps for Making This Easy Sock Monster Costume

Step 1: Make the shirt

Safety pinning socks on shirt

Lay out your shirt and start pinning the socks on with safety pins. I pinned on the inside of the sock so it was harder to see the safety pins.

Step 2: Make the hat

Socks pinned on a hat

Pin a few socks on the hat. I chose a couple of socks that were longer and floppy to look like ears.

That’s it!

I know…. You were thinking this would be harder, right!?

This costume took less than 30 minutes to make and most of the supplies were available at my home.

So incredibly easy and so cute! The socks kind of swished back and forth as my son ran from house to house to get candy, which made the outfit that much cuter.

This costume inspired the most conversation starters too. A lot of people asked my son, what he was and then asked him to return their missing socks. 🙂

DIY sock monster costume
Sock monster

Now that I have inspired you, go… save your socks or raid your sock drawer and make this fun and easy sock monster costume.

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What is the easiest costume you have ever DIYed?

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Easy sock monster costume. Little boy wearing shirt with socks on it.

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