6 Easy Indoor Fall Decorations You Can Do In Minutes

Changing to indoor fall decorations doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use these easy ideas and tips to give you inspiration for your fall decor.

The changing of a season means the changing of your decor. I know some of you love decorating and for others of you, it’s discouraging and overwhelming.

6 Easy Indoor Fall Decoration Ideas for your last minute decorating needs.

I used to do very minimal changes to my decor. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate changing things up a little, I just didn’t know where to start or what to do to make the most impact for little effort. Now that I have begun to decorate seasonally, I find I really enjoy it.

Maybe you are like me and just need a little inspiration to get you started. Well, here are a few simple ideas to help you decorate your indoors for fall.

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6 Easy Indoor Fall Decorations to Add to Your Decorating Repertoire

1. Replace Your Summer Flowers with Fall Colored Leaves and Flowers

This is one of the easiest ways to give your home a feeling of Fall. Purchase a few clumps of fall flowers and fake leaves like these and add them to vases.

Brown jug with fall leaves on hearth
Add leaves in a jug or vase for an easy fall decor idea

One of my favorite places to get fall leaves and flowers is the dollar store. They have a good selection for a great price.

Shop $1 Fall Decor at Dollar Tree!

If you are a little more adventurous, you can make your own fabric flowers out of fall leaves with this tutorial.

Fabric Flower made from fall leaves next to candle and bottle
Orange fabric flowers made from fall leaves

2. Decorate with Fall Leaves

Use Fall leaves to add decorations to your home.

You can lay vines of Fall leaves on shelves amidst your other decor or layer it behind glass windows or picture frames to add a fun Fall pop of color.

Candles on shelf with orange leaf vine
Vines on a shelf for easy indoor fall decor ideas
Fall wreath and leaves on window
Easy fall decoration: Fall leaves stuck to window and vines behind window.

Stick fabric leaves to the front of your decor or on a window to add a feeling of Fall.

If you are having trouble finding leaves you like, or if you want a fun project to do with your kids, make your own Fabric Fall Leaves with this tutorial and free printable found in my resource library. (Need the password for my free printable library? It’s available as a perk for my email subscribers. Just sign up below.)

You can also wrap color changing led light strands and leaf vines on railings, banisters, and pillars to add a simple fall flare to your home.

Fall leaves wrapped on a banister
Fall leaves wrapped on the banister

3. Fill a Jar with Fall

Fill a clear vase with pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, marbles and lights! This is such a beautiful and simple way to make a clear glass vase into an elegant fall centerpiece.

Pumpkins, lights, leaves, and marbles in a jar for an easy indoor fall decoration.
Put pumpkins, lights, leaves, etc. in a jar for an elegant and easy fall decoration

Add glass marbles to the bottom of a clear glass vase, and then layer leaves, pumpkins, and wooden balls on top. Push small led lights down into the jar to add a warm glow at night.

4. Make Indoor Fall Decorations out of Hangers

You can use wire hangers to make these diy wire pumpkins. This is a great way to use up some of the wire hangers you might have laying around your house and they add so much dimension to your indoor fall decorations. They took less than an hour for me to make.

Wire pumpkin on mantel
Wire pumpkin decoration

Along the same lines, you can use a wire hanger to make a simple table wreath. I bent the wire hanger into a pumpkin shape and then wrapped a leaf vine and led leaf lights around it for a simple yet beautiful table decoration.

Fall leaves on table around wire wreath.
Simple fall leaf wrapped around wire

5. Add a Few Pumpkins

There is something about pumpkins that just screams fall.

Setting a few small pumpkins next to your normal decor makes an ordinary object seem more magical and fall like. Using them as part of your indoor fall decorations is an easy way to create a fall experience inside.

Using pumpkins in easy indoor fall decorations: wire pumpkin with leaves and small pumpkins inside.
Decorating with pumpkins

6. Make Your Own Fall Wreath

There are so many beautiful fall wreaths available. They can add a lot of dimension to your indoor fall decorations. (Interested in buying a fall wreath? Take a look at this post on affordable fall wreath options I found for under $30.)

You can also make your own. This simple DIY Fall Wreath took me about an hour to make and cost less than $5. (If you purchase the flowers instead of making them, it will take even less time.)

Brown mesh simple DIY fall wreath with flowers
Simple brown mesh wreath

I hope that these simple fall decorating ideas will inspire you to change out your decor this season and maybe enjoy the process.

Hey, if you are like me, this might be the excuse you need to motivate you to dust off your flat surfaces in your house. 🙂

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I would love to know. Do you enjoy decorating for the seasons? What are your biggest challenges?

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